Day 148

Feel-good Monday photo. Cheers

Day 147

And what would this project of mine be without an occasional monochrome? Cheers

Day 146

In the busy, busy course of life, sometimes you just need to sit on the beach at sunset doing nothing at all but playing with long exposure shots. Water like this is good… Continue reading

Day 144

Don’t we all pass through phases in which we get so caught up in the routine of our lives that we simply forget to venture outside the few blocks we exist in and… Continue reading

Day 143

  This photo is from a trip to the zoo with my Big Brothers Big Sisters Little a few weekends ago. Getting to hang out with my Little is always amazing, especially so… Continue reading

Day 142

This one is just silly. Now, as exhausting as the past few weeks have been, Kimchi and I do still find the time to take cute pictures courtesy of Photo Booth. She’s such… Continue reading

Day 141

We’re going to call this a Wordless Wednesday post. The past few weeks have been just a little exhausting, and I’ve barely had the time to work on this project. But, after my… Continue reading

Day 140

I’d never seen this particular color of lily before! I had to wake up early this morning to get the sun to light up the petals just so, and to avoid this record-breaking… Continue reading

Day 139

So I have this theory that if I go more than 24 hours or 3 posts in a row (whichever comes first) without posting a flower, my head will explode. I could be… Continue reading

Day 137

Great way to start your week #1322623. You park at a meter that’s already been paid for. Thanks, mystery parker who overpaid for my spot before me — You made my day just… Continue reading

Day 136

I first discovered this type of lily in Japan last summer. Little did I know they were also growing in my garden at home. Not a bad surprise at all. Cheers

Day 135

What’s better than a sweet-smelling lavender border in bloom? Not much :) Cheers

Day 134

Maybe I’ll start working on a “Portraits of Vegetables” series. Lettuce looks cool and tastes delicious! Cheers

Day 133

Why hello friends! Long time no see! Last time I promised you a bit more color. Here you go. Did I ever mentioned lilies are my favorite? Cheers

Day 132

Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my little garden or my thing for locally grown food (oh I remember, yesterday!), but let me just tell you that I’m obsessed. I swear… Continue reading