Day 01

Round Three Reading Resolution

Happy 2012! I hope you all had a wonderfully memorable New Years Eve and a safe and relaxing January 1st to recover.

Here begins my daunting 365-day photography project, and what better way to usher in this resolution of mine than through documenting another resolution I make every year. Reading. Or more specifically, reading at least one book a month. While this sounds like an easy resolution, finishing all of twelve books in a year, it has become a yearly frustration that I always reach the end of at least one month with no hopes of finishing my mandatory reading for that month. In 2010, I read twenty-three books, but failed to finish any in August, September, November, or December. In 2011 I came closer to my goal, completing thirty-four, but failed to meet my book quota for July. Here’s hoping “third time’s the charm.”

In this image: The Language Wars, by Henry Hitchings. Enjoyable, and wonderfully informative!