Mr. Obama

There I was yesterday, raving about the benefits of leaving your room and getting outside, and I have to say, I have impeccable timing. For who should I find driving around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon but none other than President Obama!

Now, President Obama does not usually appear two blocks from my Cleveland home, so this was both a surprise, and a big deal. Hearing of his arrival in Shaker Heights a mere hour before he was due to arrive, I was unable to acquire a ticket to see him speaking, much to my dismay. However, after a brief lap around the high school at which he was to be speaking, I saw a group of onlookers gathering at an intersection, some with cameras. I decided to join them. And it was worth it!

While I am disappointed I didn’t get to see President Obama speaking, I am glad I got to see the Presidential motorcade driving by, and am appreciative for the reminder that since twenty twelve is such a key election year, I really ought to get out and do more than just vote. Additionally, I like to think that had I been watching his speech, I would have been seated so far away that he would have seemed a mere speck in the distance. As it turned out, I was about fifteen feet away from the President, usually the domain of suited guys with sunglasses and guns. I count it as a small victory.