Christmas Spirit?

January 9th. I guess the Christmas season is kinda over, huh.

As I was walking around yesterday shooting with the concept of color running through my mind (this neutral color palette we’ve had going so far is not usually my thing), I was struck and distracted by the number of discarded Christmas trees lying sadly along the side of the road, waiting for mulching. Now, I personally enjoy Christmas, and understand the allure of that crisp pine-smell that comes from a freshly cut tree, but really, isn’t that just a little bit wasteful? It’s hard to see exactly how old this tree is because of the strikingly jagged saw marks on the base, but for a four foot tree like this one, let’s say at least seven. Pine trees regularly outlive humans, so for a seven-year old tree like this to be cut down is like cutting down a baby, and then discarding it two weeks later.

Yes, I know pine trees are not people, and yes, I’m probably being ridiculous in bringing this up at all. But cutting down millions of pine trees in combination with throwing away yards and yards of wrapping paper and packaging materials is hardly helping Christmas escape from the thoughtless consumption-fest it’s becoming. Think about it.

I’m not much for artificial anything – sugar, meat products, television, people, etc – but I think in this case, I would advocate for artificial trees. Or better yet, buying a tree with the roots still attached and planting it after Christmas is over. How’s that for a new and environmentally friendly family tradition!