Bob, the Piano Playing Monster

Alternately titled “Yes! I finally got the chance to play with long exposures!”

I guess you could say I come from a somewhat creatively inclined family. My mom quilts, my dad woodworks, and my little brother Bob (little here meaning taller than me) plays various musical instruments.

I take some pictures every now and then, maybe you’ve heard of them?

Now Bob is very meticulous about his music practicing schedule when he’s home from college. Every evening we start with a post-dinner trumpet practice, followed by a lengthy piano session filled with piece requests (by me).

As a photographer, I enjoy documenting the element of time through my pictures, but have been struggling so far this year to find anything worth capturing slowly. And then the clouds parted as it came to me. Piano practice. Done.

So as Bob settled in to start playing through his nightly nocturnes, I grabbed my tripod and Canon, and started shooting him. Special thanks to Bob for continuing to play like none of this was out of the ordinary.