Can you think of anything more wonderful than a brownie?

When I’m not busy taking (*cough cough) the best pictures ever, I’m often to be found standing in my kitchen, usually with bowls and measuring cups strewn everywhere, egg shells and spilt vanilla scattered about, and flour up to my elbows. Messy cook, yes. But just look at these brownies, and imagine them still warm from the oven with a decadent burst of orange and coffee inside (like a luxurious little chocolate truffle, complete with the dollop of ganache on top — actually the one thing that might give brownies a run for their money). Simply delicious!

(If you’re interested, I snatched the recipe from Food network dot com, eyeballed the chocolate and sugar measurements, added splashes of orange extract and instant coffee, and ditched the marshmallow peanut topping. Recipes just feel so restrictive, right?)