Public Transit

The Rapid

After spending a year living abroad in South Korea surviving without a car, I gained a new respect for public transportation. Now, busses are still iffy, and I’ve had numerous instances of them taking me anywhere but where they were supposed to (i.e. surprise trips to the Incheon airport anybody?). But subways on the other hand, I adore. The people watching, the old Korean men hitting on you, the fact that the subway is on tracks, and thus has a limited number of unintended locations it can take you. What’s not to love?

In Cleveland our subway system, the Rapid, is almost quaint. We have a whopping two lines, which extend out from downtown in a grand total of four directions. Nothing like the subways I took in Tokyo, in which the maps looked like this and involved repaying every few stops, depending what line you were transferring to. It still makes me twitch thinking about it.