K- Cash

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback yesterday! Knowing I have people actually reading and following and looking at my humble little photography website inspires me to keep improving my work so we’re not all stuck twiddling our thumbs and looking at the same old flower pictures from now until December :)

And so today, we’re going to go for something completely different. I think it’s safe to say that people are not my most comfortable subjects (as evidence by my ambiguously defined people category which currently consists of five whole photos, including a car and a wall?). The whole point of this little website of mine, however, is to improve my photography in general, so what better place to play around with and target these conscious weaknesses of mine than right here? So here we have it, a real person photo, albeit a silly one I suppose.

This is Bob. Bob is my little brother, and just recently returned to college after spending a lovely and relaxing winter break away from physics problems. Eh, mostly.

Bob likes:

Not spending money, classical music, composing, saying smart-sounding things, reading books that weigh more than my dog, british accents, obscure ancient-world trivia, physics, and general creativity.

Bob dislikes:

My cooking, getting haircuts, junk food, stupid people, driving, and The Office (at least the American version, so I’m told).

(Also pictured, 10,000 Korea won, approximately $10. Looks impressive, but not really.)