In front of the lens

Aah self portraits. There’s such a personal element to photography that it only makes sense, I think, to include myself in front of the camera every so often to keep in touch with the little person (or in this case, her hair?) behind this whole photography project.

So, this is me.

Christine likes:


Sunshine, hippies, flying through clouds, being near water, chocolate, The Beatles, olive green (not to be confused with green olives), The Tao of Pooh, Leymah Gbowee, coffee shops, wonderful things, smiling, craft projects, traveling, and Kimchi (both dog and cabbage forms)

Christine dislikes:

When people leave their turn signals on, bad music, whining, kitschy things, (clutter in general), wearing flip-flops in the rain, face-planting off of bicycles, words that are difficult to spell, MTV, soju, and Kim Jong-Il.