Cold Feet


This is just another view of Lake Erie from this past weekend.

Usually when I look at, and I mean really look at, water, I feel completely at one with the world. Billions of years ago when the Earth was still forming, there was no water, no rain, no lakes, no oceans. These things came later, after the planet had cooled enough to allow liquid water to form. And then, starting as small puddles, as it slowly began to rain, lakes and oceans formed and grew over billions of years into the majestic bodies they are today. It’s like that old adage about every journey starting with a single step, every lake and ocean started as a single drop. Which is very cool, and quite humbling to contemplate, I think.

In this case, however, all this philosophical water talk is coming after the fact. As I was actually standing here looking at the lake last Sunday, all I could think about was my cold feet and what a bad idea it was to wear flats in January. Lesson learned.