Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI: Giants vs the Patriots

Super Bowl Sunday. Quite possibly the most American holiday of the year.

I chose to celebrate this momentous occasion with a round of electric football. Remember electric football?

Electric football is one of those things my dad used to play as a kid which has now found a warm and cozy home in the attic, along with an old Mac from the early 80’s and other retro miscellanea which we fail to get out nearly as often as we should. Needing a picture of something more interesting than the group of us parked in front of a tv seemed a perfect excuse to dig it out and play a round. Which was awesome. Big smiles all around.

Luckily in our game, the Giants electronically rattled and buzzed their way to a 21 to 17 victory. The Patriots played fiercely, but the Giants were just that much better. Which is all for the best — I’m not a hateful person, but Belichick makes me just slightly angry…

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!