My Aunt Grace Circle of Friends, Sandi Schaab

Quilts are such an impressive art form!

Yesterday I visited the Lake Metroparks Farmpark’s annual Quilt show with my quilter/mother, and I was completely overwhelmed by this year’s entries! Just imagine the time, dedication, and love needed to complete an entire quilt, from selecting your fabrics, to cutting out hundreds of individual pieces, from sewing each piece together one at a time, and then finally quilting the whole thing together with tiny tiny perfect stitches. I would never have the patience for that!

Out of the 222 quilts we saw, I took a few shots of some of my favorites. Check out the details – they are simply incredible!

Quilts are totally amazing art forms just bursting with heart and soul. Each one has its own story and its own tireless quilter behind it, ever so slowly breathing life into every stitch to create beautiful masterpieces.

Plus, they’re snuggle-friendly. Definite win – win situation.