Take that, Merl Reagle

Sundays were created for crossword puzzles.

This is a photo of a Merl Reagle puzzle which appeared in my local newspaper a couple weekends ago. I finished this one solo in about an hour and a half with a whole lot of tea, and a little sprinkling of help from google. It was a very exciting day.

Now, each week, I fill in my puzzles with blue pen, write in at least thirty-five or so incorrect answers and end up scribbling them all out, creating a huge blue unintelligible hot mess. Who’d have seen that one coming? Every week, I vow never to pen my way through a crossword again, only to reach back for my handy blue pen six days later, and create an equally large if not larger mess. Stupid, stupid…

Moral of the story: Enjoy your Sunday, and for goodness sakes, someone let me borrow a pencil!