To edit or not to edit?

I’m noticing that there’s a debate in photography right now about how much of a role editing should play in taking photos. On the one hand, HDR is totally cool and makes for some of the most vibrant and eye-catching photos I’ve ever seen, but at the same time, I feel a back-to nature organic lifestyle movement building which could possibly apply to photography as well  — natural foods, holistic medicine, unaltered photos? — With, of course, a million different gradations in between.

Personally, I think my favorite shots are the ones that don’t really require any editing – simple and minimalist is my thing, after all.  Remember the Pink Orchid, Rainy Day, Magnolia, and even my very first Synopsis post? Only slight touches of editing, and some of my favorite photos to date.

But enough about me, what do YOU all think? To edit, or not to edit?


(As an aside, I am in the middle of reading Thoreau’s Walden and listening to recordings from Woodstock, so my hippie naturalist bent is probably more pronounced than usual… )