Chain Link

Water Tower

I want to start out today’s (clearly edited) post with a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined in on yesterday’s impromptu editing debate! So many different perspectives, all of them awesome :)

Today’s mini-series of photos came simply from my drive home from work. Every day, just as I turn out of the parking lot and start driving south down East 55th, I pass a water tower sitting atop a nearby building which is always just perfectly silhouetted by the evening’s golden rays. I’m a sucker for a good water tower, and a well-lit one, oh my!

Now, since the tutoring program at my beloved-yet-sketchy Cleveland location ends in just a couple of weeks, I figured that THIS is the time to start capturing these cool water tower moments. Hopefully more urban photos to come soon! It’s simply too early in this photo project of mine to run myself into a flower rut – if there is such a thing as a “flower rut.”


ps. Today’s editing involved a touch of sharpening and a heavy dose of sepia to bring out the late afternoon lighting. More manipulation than usual, but it seemed appropriate :)