Oh children...

As I was out this morning on my daily jog, I glanced down for just a moment and noticed the words beneath my feet.

“I love boys!”

Now admittedly, this IS a friendly and essentially nice message, unlike some other things I can imagine children today sharing on their front sidewalks (Feel free to insert your own examples here). With the advent of twitter, facebook, social media, and even blogging, we’re not exactly keeping our thoughts to ourselves anymore, so in a way it actually is refreshing to see such a lovely, positive bit of childhood writing lying outside for the world to see.

But here’s my question about this darling blue chalk-induced sidewalk thought. It was always my understanding that children in the sidewalk-chalk phase of life were still convinced of the opposite sex’s inherent infection of cooties, and would never, ever, write something so preposterous as “I love boys.” Do boys not have cooties any more? Or might girls be gaining a resistance to this dreaded cootie condition at a much younger age? Are girls free to love boys, and boys girls, and girls girls, and boys boys from any age, cooties or not?  What’s the world going to do with all this uninhibited love and childhood positivity?

Make love not war. The times, they are a’changing.