Day 100

Communist-era Architecture?

Day 100! Where have the last four months gone? Congrats to all my fellow 365ers out there for getting this far! You all rock! — The last week-or-so have been a real struggle for me, but I will get back into the groove of things, I promise!

Eerily Similar

Now today’s post is a little bit of a stretch. This is a photo I took of a building I drive past daily on my way to work. And this is a photo I took last spring at Panmunjom, the dividing line between North and South Korea. I can’t exactly pinpoint it, maybe it’s the stark angularity or the austere and minimalist design, but this building ALWAYS reminds me of the North Korean building in the center of Panmunjom — the infamous little compound in the middle of the two still-warring nations in which we were paraded around like ducklings, banned from making any gestures of any sort, and spied on by tiny binoculars peeping through the blinds at every motion we made, gun in hand. And now with rockets ready to launch any day. It was great fun.

Am I the only one who sees a similarity here? Architecturally-speaking, anyways… My little flowery city has very little else in common with the North, I think.


ps. The long-winded version of my trip to the DMZ is available here.