Day 113/I’m Back!

There’s still sunlight

Hello, my dear readers! It’s me! I’m back! (Does anyone out there still remember me?)

I first want to sincerely apologize for my sudden extended hiatus from posting. Springtime has been full of good things — so full, in fact, that I just hit a wall and felt I was overcommitted and losing myself in an awful forced picture-a-day-creativity-rut. In taking on this 365 project, my goal was to make myself practice taking pictures on a very regular basis not just for the sake of taking copious numbers of pictures, but in taking good pictures. And this combination of busyness and overcommitted-ness was making that distinction blurry.

So I’ve taken a few weeks off, finished my eleventh and twelfth books of the year, started planning out a scheme for getting into grad school in the foreseeable future, planted my vegetable garden, reached my new years weight goals, and (fingers crossed!) landed a full time grown-up job with days off and health insurance. And now I’m ready to dive back into this project. From here on out, I might not post every single day, but by golly I’m going to make it to 365 photos somehow!

And let’s be honest, what better way to dive back into this than with one of my oh-so-quotidian flower pictures. With this one, however, I think there are flower pictures, and then there are flower pictures. Deep, I know, but I’m just really happy with how this photo turned out!


Also – Big shout out to Pramodbhakhar and LadyRomp for being my 100th and 101st followers! Thank you to everyone who reads my little thoughts :)