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Yesterday’s school shooting in Chardon, Ohio hit just a little too close to home. Gun violence in schools should never happen, but especially not in a quiet little town 30 minutes from here.… Continue reading


Yesterday was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the withering hydrangeas were still clinging to their fall branches. Everything was just so bright, glowing, and wonderful, I… Continue reading


Please don’t give up, little sprouts! Persevere for me! Cheers


Today I made my first flower sighting of 2012! Let’s hope this means springtime is here! Cheers


On my way home from work this evening, I stopped into a little park along the side of the road and took a lovely little sunshine-filled walk. Perfect ending to my week. Cheers


I hope everyone had a terrific Super Bowl Sunday! I was thrilled — As I mentioned yesterday, I was predicting a 21 to 17 Giants win, and I got it!¬†Forget this picture taking… Continue reading

Lovely Things

Today we’re going to use an oldie, but goodie, from the botanical gardens trip a few weekends ago. I simply loved the texture on the leaves and the spiral pattern of the plants.… Continue reading

Waking Up

Reason # 2319132 I enjoy weekends: Waking up early to watch the sunrise, followed by a much-needed afternoon nap, snuggled up with this one. Simply lovely. Cheers

Photo Contest

Like I mentioned a few days ago, my Saturday was a busy combination of picture-taking at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, amongst other things. Now, what I forgot to mention is the impromptu photo… Continue reading

Snow Glitter

And we’re back to that whole Ohio winter thing! I had yesterday off, so I decided to spend my day running around outside getting some pictures (because hasn’t this week seemed just ever… Continue reading

Snow Puffs

As I mentioned in my previous flower posting, I love shooting flowers, but rarely have the opportunity to do so in winter. It’s quite sad, really, but it forces me to be more… Continue reading


At long last, it seems winter is finally upon us. Somehow, we’ve managed to escape until now with very little accumulation, but it looks like it’s settling in to stay around for a… Continue reading