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Day 146

In the busy, busy course of life, sometimes you just need to sit on the beach at sunset doing nothing at all but playing with long exposure shots. Water like this is good… Continue reading

Day 142

This one is just silly. Now, as exhausting as the past few weeks have been, Kimchi and I do still find the time to take cute pictures courtesy of Photo Booth. She’s such… Continue reading

Day 132

Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my little garden or my thing for locally grown food (oh I remember, yesterday!), but let me just tell you that I’m obsessed. I swear… Continue reading

Day 131

We’ll just call this my “Doorknob Self-Portrait.” Silly, I know. Cheers

Day 100

Day 100! Where have the last four months gone? Congrats to all my fellow 365ers out there for getting this far! You all rock! — The last week-or-so have been a real struggle for… Continue reading


I’m cheating. Today we celebrated my wonderful grandfather’s 80th birthday! Happy Birthday Grandpa! (ps. How great is he looking for 80!?! I hope I can have that much life and energy in me… Continue reading


Yesterday I had the chance to visit the one and only Eggshelland. Eggshelland, according to the friendly people there I spoke with, is a unique 54-year Easter tradition in Lyndhurst, Ohio in which… Continue reading


As I was out this morning on my daily jog, I glanced down for just a moment and noticed the words beneath my feet. “I love boys!” Now admittedly, this IS a friendly… Continue reading

Spring Medley

Today was such a pretty spring day, I simply couldn’t leave you all with just one photo… Enjoy! (And Happy Friday!) Cheers


Today I got to meet quite possibly the friendliest cow in the world! This is Woody. Woody was born on January 21, and is a little over three weeks old. Woody has a… Continue reading


Yesterday was a very good day. When I’m not busy taking pictures and baking things (or both!), I work as a tutor providing free tutoring services for students in underperforming Cleveland public school… Continue reading

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday. Quite possibly the most American holiday of the year. I chose to celebrate this momentous occasion with a round of electric football. Remember electric football? Electric football is one of… Continue reading


Aah self portraits. There’s such a personal element to photography that it only makes sense, I think, to include myself in front of the camera every so often to keep in touch with… Continue reading


Thanks everyone for the positive feedback yesterday! Knowing I have people actually reading and following and looking at my humble little photography website inspires me to keep improving my work so we’re not… Continue reading


Here in Cleveland, we may be stuck with snow and poorly performing sports teams, but at least we still have our sunshine. Err, sometimes. Cheers


I love street art. Graffiti, murals, trippy art projects, all of it. I found this lovely pop of color in Little Italy, in downtown Cleveland. You can just feel the Italian pride and… Continue reading


Alternately titled “Yes! I finally got the chance to play with long exposures!” I guess you could say I come from a somewhat creatively inclined family. My mom quilts, my dad woodworks, and… Continue reading