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Day 143

  This photo is from a trip to the zoo with my Big Brothers Big Sisters Little a few weekends ago. Getting to hang out with my Little is always amazing, especially so… Continue reading

Day 141

We’re going to call this a Wordless Wednesday post. The past few weeks have been just a little exhausting, and I’ve barely had the time to work on this project. But, after my… Continue reading

Day 137

Great way to start your week #1322623. You park at a meter that’s already been paid for. Thanks, mystery parker who overpaid for my spot before me — You made my day just… Continue reading

Day 134

Maybe I’ll start working on a “Portraits of Vegetables” series. Lettuce looks cool and tastes delicious! Cheers

Day 132

Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my little garden or my thing for locally grown food (oh I remember, yesterday!), but let me just tell you that I’m obsessed. I swear… Continue reading

Day 131

We’ll just call this my “Doorknob Self-Portrait.” Silly, I know. Cheers

Day 129

Isn’t it amazing what a month can do? This is my quaint little vegetable garden a few weeks after planting, and then a month later. Lavender, corn, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, peas, onions, lettuce,… Continue reading

Day 119

Today I took a surprise visit out to Lake Metroparks Farmpark with a lovely old friend from high school I don’t see nearly often enough. Although this closeup of an antique tractor part looks cold,… Continue reading

Day 118

No flowers and bright colors here today. Just an abstract close-up of a crosswalk sign. Kind of cool, right? Cheers


I know I haven’t referenced pollution in almost a week now, but apparently my message has not sufficiently gotten out there yet. I found this piece of paper in the same brook in… Continue reading


To whoever is responsible for this — Stop sticking old chewing gum to miscellaneous outdoor objects! It’s bad for the environment, and this poor stop sign, what did it ever do to you?… Continue reading


“We can never have enough of nature.” — Or so says one of my favorite simple lines from Walden (which I just finished! Yay for a completed April book). My tiny little herb… Continue reading

Late 2

Late twice in one week! Gosh, I’m falling apart! Cheers

Sunshine Sunset

Many things to cover today. First of all, thanks for all the lovely comments on yesterday’s puppy posting! Despite her squeaking, sometimes this puppy of mine can be pretty stinking adorable :) Like… Continue reading


So there I was. Minding my own business, trying to shoot a couple of quick tulip shots on a brief walk with Kimchi during my 45 minute break between jobs. And who’s little… Continue reading


Yesterday I had the chance to visit the one and only Eggshelland. Eggshelland, according to the friendly people there I spoke with, is a unique 54-year Easter tradition in Lyndhurst, Ohio in which… Continue reading


Like I mentioned a few days ago, I spent my lovely Saturday hanging out at a rainy version of Geneva-on-the-lake. This is the on-the-lake portion of my afternoon. Cheers