Day 131

We’ll just call this my “Doorknob Self-Portrait.” Silly, I know. Cheers

Day 130

No words for this one. Just a pretty lily, and a shallow DOF. Cheers

Day 129

Isn’t it amazing what a month can do? This is my quaint little vegetable garden a few weeks after planting, and then a month later. Lavender, corn, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, peas, onions, lettuce,… Continue reading

Day 128

I almost feel silly calling this one “Day 128.” I was cleaning out the pictures folder on my desktop (you know, the important things in life) and rediscovered this shot from March. Better… Continue reading

Day 126

I’m always so thrilled when I don’t even need to leave my yard to find lovely things. Special thanks to the crazy-gardening lady who lived here years ago and planted nearly everything I… Continue reading

Day 125

The dog days of summer are a’coming. Maybe I should get her a haircut sooner or later? Cheers

Day 124

I know, I know. Every time I find a new flower to shoot, I get all excited and quickly decide it’s my new ultimate favorite flower ever. First we had Magnolias, then Orchids,… Continue reading

Day 123

You know those moments when you are driving home from work and are suddenly just overcome with a need to be in nature? Yesterday was one of those days. Cheers

Day 122

Thanks all for the positive feedback on my recent Farmpark posts! It’s hard to have a bad day when there are baby animals involved, right? :) Aaaand today we’re back with more of… Continue reading

Day 121

Another quick lunchtime shot from my little Farmpark visit. I almost opted not to post this one because of the raw-ness of the middle one’s head. I’m not at all sure what the… Continue reading

Day 120

Another quick shot from this afternoon’s Lake Farmpark. So many sweet, but hungry animals! Cheers

Day 119

Today I took a surprise visit out to Lake Metroparks Farmpark with a lovely old friend from high school I don’t see nearly often enough. Although this closeup of an antique tractor part looks cold,… Continue reading

Day 118

No flowers and bright colors here today. Just an abstract close-up of a crosswalk sign. Kind of cool, right? Cheers

Day 117

…And today is all about the pink. Special thanks to my favorite local florist for letting me snap pictures for free. Again :) Cheers

Day 116

Yesterday was orange. Today is purple. Turns out I really like Irises :) Cheers

Day 115

You know what today needs? A big dose of orange. Cheers