Day 113/I’m Back!

Hello, my dear readers! It’s me! I’m back! (Does anyone out there still remember me?) I first want to sincerely apologize for my sudden extended hiatus from posting. Springtime has been full of… Continue reading


I know I haven’t referenced pollution in almost a week now, but apparently my message has not sufficiently gotten out there yet. I found this piece of paper in the same brook in… Continue reading


“But a weed is simply a plant that wants to grow where people want something else. In blaming nature, people mistake the culprit. Weeds are people’s idea, not nature’s.”  – Author Unknown Poor… Continue reading


I found these roses a few days ago just chilling in a small brook between some rocks. Let me clarify, the flowers were chilling in the brook, I was standing on a bridge… Continue reading


I like the almost three-dimensional-ness of these flowers! Cheers


I forgot how much I liked Dogwoods until I passed one yesterday. Now I remember, they are so lovely! Cheers


Today was a completely wonderful Monday! Allow me a brief moment of gushing, I ran two miles, took a long walk with Kimchi, read another chapter in The Knowledge Deficit (by E. D.… Continue reading


Springtime is all about sprouting hostas. They’re even cooler-looking in real life. Cheers


What can I say, I love me some orchids! I was lucky enough to stumble upon a lovely little selection of them this afternoon at my local gardening center. The down-side was that… Continue reading


To whoever is responsible for this — Stop sticking old chewing gum to miscellaneous outdoor objects! It’s bad for the environment, and this poor stop sign, what did it ever do to you?… Continue reading


I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by how hardy this year’s daffodils are turning out to be. We had frost on the ground this morning, and by this afternoon they looked like this!… Continue reading


“We can never have enough of nature.” — Or so says one of my favorite simple lines from Walden (which I just finished! Yay for a completed April book). My tiny little herb… Continue reading


Today it was really chilly and rainy outside. Sad for the flowers, but good for me. How wonderful are days filled with hot cocoa, reading, sweatpants, and puppy snuggling? Cheers

Day 100

Day 100! Where have the last four months gone? Congrats to all my fellow 365ers out there for getting this far! You all rock! — The last week-or-so have been a real struggle for… Continue reading


Happy Easter everyone! My plan was to do a totally egg-citing post based on this egg-cellent photography egg-cersise I found in my google reader this morning and have linked below (am I getting… Continue reading


I’m cheating. Today we celebrated my wonderful grandfather’s 80th birthday! Happy Birthday Grandpa! (ps. How great is he looking for 80!?! I hope I can have that much life and energy in me… Continue reading