Versatile, Versatile Flowers

Happy springtime everyone! In my little corner of the world, it was a nearly record-breaking 76 degrees today! While this is most likely a terrible sign of global warming and the impending doom… Continue reading


Turns out, orchids are pretty from every angle. Cheers


I would like to start with a big shout out to fellow midwestern blogger Robin over at Life in the Bogs for letting me know last week about the annual Orchid Mania Festival… Continue reading

Spring Medley

Today was such a pretty spring day, I simply couldn’t leave you all with just one photo… Enjoy! (And Happy Friday!) Cheers


Finally, a new type of flower is a’blooming. Welcome to the world, tiny daffodils! Cheers

Versatile Corndog

I have two happy thoughts to share with you today. Number one. According to Wikipedia, in some parts of the US, cattails are called¬†Corndog Grass. Corndog grass? How appropriate and completely awesome! Now… Continue reading


This seems like the umpteenth crocus picture I’ve posted, eh? Oh well. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.¬†Why do we feel the need to fix things that were never broken… Continue reading


This is not the best photo I have ever taken. This IS, however, the second time in a week I have braved the sketchy streets of Cleveland to capture cool-looking moments, and is… Continue reading


Despite the eerie and foreboding feel of today’s photo, this was yet another beautiful day – although one which might very easily be the last beautiful day I can enjoy for a while.… Continue reading


I think this is quickly becoming a Saturday theme. Photos of things that look like flowers, but aren’t. Last time, buds. This time, leaves. Cheers


Yesterday was a grey, rainy day. While chilly and gross, I’m accepting of rain because it a) is not snow, and b) means that more flowers are a’coming! Springtime make me giddy! Now,… Continue reading


Yesterday was a beautiful day! Snow belt friends will understand, there is simply nothing better than the first day after a chilly winter when the mercury hits 65 degrees! The beaming sun, the… Continue reading

Urban Liebster

Sounds like a great athlete name, right? Before I begin rambling about today’s photo, I would like to sincerely thank Ellen of When all is said and done for nominating me for the… Continue reading


“When we walk like we are rushing, we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth… Be… Continue reading


It snowed again yesterday. I was nervous the late-blooming cold weather would kill all my early-blooming spring flowers I’m oh so fond of, but luckily, these little guys are troopers. As an aside,… Continue reading


Sundays were created for crossword puzzles. This is a photo of a Merl Reagle puzzle which appeared in my local newspaper a couple weekends ago. I finished this one solo in about an… Continue reading