Chilly Saturdays were just made for baking. This time, a family recipe for blueberry banana muffins. Yum! What’s great is that these contain more types of fruit than cups of sugar, which makes… Continue reading


I know, I know, Hump Day is usually a label reserved for Wednesdays, but can we count it just this once for a whole week? Driving home last night was such a surreal… Continue reading


Aah self portraits. There’s such a personal element to photography that it only makes sense, I think, to include myself in front of the camera every so often to keep in touch with… Continue reading


Raining, freezing, snowing, melting, flooding. Repeating. This strangely cyclical Ohio winter has led to some cool juxtapositions of water, both frozen and not. In this case, a tiny frozen waterfall dipped into an… Continue reading

Lovely Things

Today we’re going to use an oldie, but goodie, from the botanical gardens trip a few weekends ago. I simply loved the texture on the leaves and the spiral pattern of the plants.… Continue reading


Thanks everyone for the positive feedback yesterday! Knowing I have people actually reading and following and looking at my humble little photography website inspires me to keep improving my work so we’re not… Continue reading

Waking Up

Reason # 2319132 I enjoy weekends: Waking up early to watch the sunrise, followed by a much-needed afternoon nap, snuggled up with this one. Simply lovely. Cheers


I did something stupid. Once upon a time, I lived and worked in South Korea and loved my job. I flew back to the US between contracts with every intention of returning to… Continue reading


Here in Cleveland, we may be stuck with snow and poorly performing sports teams, but at least we still have our sunshine. Err, sometimes. Cheers


I love street art. Graffiti, murals, trippy art projects, all of it. I found this lovely pop of color in Little Italy, in downtown Cleveland. You can just feel the Italian pride and… Continue reading


“Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind possessing and caressing me.” Water makes me feel at peace with the world. I’d like to think Mr. Lennon felt the… Continue reading

Photo Contest

Like I mentioned a few days ago, my Saturday was a busy combination of picture-taking at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, amongst other things. Now, what I forgot to mention is the impromptu photo… Continue reading

Public Transit

After spending a year living abroad in South Korea surviving without a car, I gained a new respect for public transportation. Now, busses are still iffy, and I’ve had numerous instances of them… Continue reading


Can you think of anything more wonderful than a brownie? When I’m not busy taking (*cough cough) the best pictures ever, I’m often to be found standing in my kitchen, usually with bowls… Continue reading

Botanical Gardens

Yesterday was one of those marvelous days in which your cheeks just feel sore from too much smiling. Catching up with not one, but two groups of old friends, spending all day running… Continue reading

Snow Glitter

And we’re back to that whole Ohio winter thing! I had yesterday off, so I decided to spend my day running around outside getting some pictures (because hasn’t this week seemed just ever… Continue reading

Chew Toy

Friday the thirteenths are kind of creepy. Purple hippos are not. Special thanks to Kimchi for allowing me borrow her beloved chew toy. Cheers!