Alternately titled “Yes! I finally got the chance to play with long exposures!” I guess you could say I come from a somewhat creatively inclined family. My mom quilts, my dad woodworks, and… Continue reading

Look Down

When’s the last time you consciously looked down? Everyone’s always telling us “The sky’s the limit,” to “look to the sky.” But what about watching the sidewalk pass below you, feeling the Earth… Continue reading


And now for something completely different. To alleviate any reader concerns that I’m now that crazy-hippie-environmentalist-photo-blogger-that-hates-Christmas, let’s stick to a safe topic – – like puppies. This is my Korean Yorkshire Terrier, Kimchi.… Continue reading


January 9th. I guess the Christmas season is kinda over, huh. As I was walking around yesterday shooting with the concept of color running through my mind (this neutral color palette we’ve had going… Continue reading

Snow Puffs

As I mentioned in my previous flower posting, I love shooting flowers, but rarely have the opportunity to do so in winter. It’s quite sad, really, but it forces me to be more… Continue reading


Week number one of my Three Sixty Five Project down, and what a successful first week it’s turned out to be. We had a little bit of everything, some reading, some snow, some… Continue reading


The last time I paused to watch the sun rise, I did so from atop Mt. Fuji after hiking all night with a couple of Japanese men I met there, whose conversations with… Continue reading


There I was yesterday, raving about the benefits of leaving your room and getting outside, and I have to say, I have impeccable timing. For who should I find driving around my neighborhood yesterday… Continue reading


A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a wonderful link for some creative inspiration — Advice and sage wisdom from top designers on creativity. Their words and images are excellent, and include such… Continue reading

Snow Day

Will an umbrella keep all this winter stuff away?


At long last, it seems winter is finally upon us. Somehow, we’ve managed to escape until now with very little accumulation, but it looks like it’s settling in to stay around for a… Continue reading

Day 01

Happy 2012! I hope you all had a wonderfully memorable New Years Eve and a safe and relaxing January 1st to recover. Here begins my daunting 365-day photography project, and what better way… Continue reading


So here’s the story. Once upon a time I lived in South Korea, bought a camera, and developed a passion for photography. (Get it, developed?) In an attempt to hone my amateur skills,… Continue reading